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% Timestamp: Sat Sep 15 20:27:47 2012

domain:       gpsa.go.tz
registrant:   NYM-ITFARM
admin-c:      GLK-ITFARM
admin-c:      NYM-ITFARM
nsset:        NS-GPSA.GO.TZ
registrar:    REG-ITFARM
status:       paid and in zone
registered:   24.07.2009 10:52:33
changed:      27.08.2012 21:29:38
expire:       24.07.2013

contact:      NYM-ITFARM
org:          Government Procurement Service Agency
name:         Nyongera Maulid
address:      Nyerere Road
address:      Dar es Salaam
address:      9150
address:      TZ
phone:        +255.754618346
e-mail:       maulidj4(at)gmail.com
registrar:    REG-ITFARM
created:      20.04.2010 15:26:19
changed:      25.08.2012 17:16:25

contact:      GLK-ITFARM
org:          ITFARM Limited
name:         Godfrey Kapinga
address:      Sam Nujoma Road Plot 113/114
address:      Dar-es-salaam
address:      35638
address:      TZ
phone:        +255.784800419
e-mail:       support(at)itfarm.co.tz
registrar:    REG-ITFARM
created:      26.02.2010 20:57:29
changed:      27.02.2010 15:28:04

nsset:        NS-GPSA.GO.TZ
nserver:      ns3759.hostgator.com
nserver:      ns3760.hostgator.com
tech-c:       GLK-ITFARM
tech-c:       NYM-ITFARM
registrar:    REG-ITFARM
created:      27.08.2012 21:29:00

Direct link: http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/whois/gpsa.go.tz

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