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  Example: or myiptest.com

If you are looking to report this IP or domain you can report abuse on www.abuseipdb.com

% Dot IE domain names must:

-be less than 66 characters in length, including the '.ie' characters

-not start with a hyphen '-'

-not have a label ending in a hyphen before the '.ie' e.g. 'xyz-.ie'

-not start with 'xn--' which is reserved for IDN usage, e.g. éire.ie

-contain at least 5 characters, including the three for '.ie'

-have at least one alphabetic character, e.g. ' would be invalid'

Direct link: http://www.myiptest.com/staticpages/index.php/whois/myzone.tcd.ie

What is Whois ?

The WHOIS system originated as a method that system administrators could use to look up information to contact other IP address or domain name administrators (almost like a "white pages"). The use of the data that is returned from query responses has evolved from those origins into a variety of uses including: Read more on wiki...

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